Our Process

Our teeth whitening process takes approximately a half hour to complete from start to finish. During the treatment, you will be laying back with dark sunglasses on, so you will want to bring something to listen like your Ipod or MP3 Player or just sit back, relax and enjoy the peace and quite you finally got yourself.

Step 1:  Starting Shade Sample
The first step in your 20 Minute Miracle Teeth Whitening service is to take a shade sample of your existing teeth color.  This is done simply so that we may measure your progress and know exactly how much whiter your teeth become.

Step 2:  The Finger Brush-Up
This is a finger teeth wipe used to clean the sulcus and any other bacteria from the tooth enamel prior to treatment for maximum penetration of the whitening gel.  This is a very crucial step in the whitening process and it is important to make sure that the teeth are visibly dry when this step is complete.

Step 3:  The Vitamin E Preloaded Cotton Swab
Crack open the side with the red line, and the Vitamin E and Aloe will dispense out of the other end. You will rub the swab onto gums and lips providing a nice protective barrier and helping to hydrate the tissue.

Step 4:  Preloaded LED Whitening Tray
You will gently tear open the package and insert the preloaded tray into the mouth.

Step 5:  The Bib & The Safety Goggles
Safety First!

Step 6:  The Light
Our Blue LED Broad Spectrum light will be placed up to the mouth and the timer set for 20 minutes.

Step 7:  Rinse
The light will go off, the tray taken out, and the mouth rinsed with room temperature bottled water.

Step 8:  Ending Shade Sample
And finally we will take a second shade sample so that you can see just how much whiter and brighter your teeth have become.

After the whitening process is completed, you will need to drink more water than normal to help rehydrate your teeth. It normally will take 24 hours before you see the full effects of your whitening procedure.

Now, you can admire and show off your beautiful new smile!

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